About XML and Schemas

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a plain-text format for describing structured data. Although it can be written, read, and understood by people using simple tools, it's primary purpose is to allow software programs to exchange complex information in a reliable and unambiguous way.

The AASHTOWare Project™ Payroll XML Resource Kit should provide all the background information you need to produce valid Payroll XML files for use with AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor™ (formerly Trns•port CRLMS®). However, a deeper understanding of XML and XML Schema might be useful as well. The following links are to resources about XML and XML Schema in general. The links will take you away from the AASHTOWare Project Payroll XML Resource Kit, and are to sites not controlled by AASHTO or Info Tech, which are not responsible for their contents.

XML Resources

Wikipedia article
High level overview of XML.
W3C XML home page
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is responsible for the XML standard. This page is a directory of the working groups that manage that standard.
XML W3C Recommendation
This recommendation is the standard specification for XML 1.0, the most commonly used version of XML, and the version used for Payroll XML.
A Technical Introduction to XML
A good introduction to XML 1.0.

Schema Resources

Wikipedia article
High level overview of XML Schema.
W3C XML Schema home page
A directory of resources for XML Schema.
XML Schema Part 0: Primer
Excellent introduction to XML Schema.
W3C Recommendation Part 1
Covers the language to define schemas.
W3C Recommendation Part 2
Covers defining datatypes.