AASHTOWare Project™ Payroll Spreadsheet Conversion Utility 2.0

The best way to produce Payroll XML files is to use a software system to manage the data that can also produce this format directly. However, not all end users will have such a system available to them. In that case, data can be manually entered directly into the AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor Management System™ (formerly Trns•Port CRLMS®) module, or produced using an Excel spreadsheet.

AASHTO provides a general-purpose Microsoft Excel 2007 (XLSX) spreadsheet to agencies that can be used to enter payroll data (Payroll Spreadsheet) and an online conversion utility that can take a filled-in spreadsheet and return a valid Payroll XML file for delivery to an agency.


Agency Instructions

  • Download the Payroll Spreadsheet: Log into aashtowareproject.org > Downloads > Software Downloads > select "Related Documentation" from the Download Type dropdown menu.
  • Populate the tabs Ethnicity, Craft, Labor, and State with your agency's specific values prior to distributing to the contractor.

Contractor Instructions

  • Please contact your agency to request a copy of their configured Payroll Spreadsheet.
  • Completed Payroll spreadsheets can be used with the Conversion Utility below.
  • If you experience issues with using the AASHTOWare Project Spreadsheet and Conversion Utility, please contact your agency's representative.


Once you have a payroll spreadsheet with your data entered, you can create a Payroll XML file online with this tool.


  • Use the following form to select the spreadsheet you have created, Check the box agreeing to the Terms of Use, then click the Convert button to send your spreadsheet to the online conversion utility.
  •  I agree to the Terms of Use
  • Save the Payroll XML file that is returned from the online converter.

You can now deliver the Payroll XML file to the agency via whatever method they have established.