Payroll XML Resource Kit 2.1

AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor Management™ (formerly Trns•port CRLMS®) accepts contractor and subcontractor certified payroll information for verifying compliance with federal and state laws and regulations. Although users can manually enter the data into the system, there is generally quite a lot of it, and many firms use software systems that contain most of all of what is needed already. AASHTOWare Project Civil Rights & Labor software can import the data from an XML file, eliminating the need to manually key it in.

This information has a rich internal structure, so a simple list such as might be passed in CSV (comma-separated values) format is not suitable for it. Instead, data to import must be in a specific XML file format, called Payroll XML. This Resource Kit exists to help providers of payroll data create valid Payroll XML files.

Introduction to Payroll XML Format

Read about this file format and the kinds of data it can represent.

Conversion Example

Given an existing WH-347 document with payroll data in it, see how a correct Payroll XML file is created with the same information.


The specifications of how Payroll XML files must be formatted. You can read about individual files, or download all the schemas at once.

How Project uses the payroll schema


Do you think you've got a good Payroll XML file? You can check it using either of these validators.

If you are running a recent version of Microsoft Windows, you can download a validator program and run it on your own PC to check files.

Instead of setting up a validator program yourself, you can just upload a Payroll XML file to be checked online.

About XML and Schemas

Links to general information about XML and XML Schemas. These lead to other web sites not run by AASHTO or Infotech. Neither AASHTO nor Infotech is responsible for their contents.